How to run python

How To run Python in Windows/Mac/Linux?

How To Run Python Using?

A) Integrated Development Environment (IDE)-

You can run your Python Program Using a Graphical user interface (GUI) On Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports Python.

  • IDLE- IDLE is an integrated development environment for Linux/Unix
  • PythonWin– PythonWin is the First Windows Integrated Development environment For python

There are various type of IDE available for python – PyCharm, Anaconda, Jupiter notebook, kite, Spider, PyDev, thonnie etc

B) Interactive Terminal Interpreter-

You can start your python in any Unix/Linux ,windows and Dos Platform That Provide Terminal/shell or CMD. You can get into interactive mode by simply typing Following Command based on your operating system-

  • Linux/Unix/Mac – In Terminal type python or python3

How To Run Python in Linux/Unix/Mac

  • Windows/Dos – in command Prompt or cmd  type python
How To Run Python in Linux/Unix/Mac

C) Running Script From Command line

  • This Method Invoke The interpreter with script parameter which begins the execution of the script and continues until the script is finished.
  • After the complete execution of the script the interpreter get deactivated . Script can be executed using command line by invoking the interpreter on your system.

First Write a program using any text editor and give it name and save it with extension .py Eg-

Now it can be executed using command line by invoking the interpreter on your system.

Linux/Mac/Unix- Type python or python%

Windows/Dos – Type python

How To Download Python ?

To Download python Visit and Download the installer . After Downloading Simply Double click on installer and Follow instruction based on your operating system.

How To Run Python in Linux/Unix/Mac
How To Run Python in Linux/Unix/Mac

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